T2550 D0 通道

T2550 D0 通道



























DO4_LG 2500 四通道开关量输出 (外部供电, 10mA) 
DO4_24 2500 四通道开关量输出 (外部供电, 100mA)
RLY4 2500 四通道继电器输出 (6A/260Vac;3常开接点,1对常开/常闭接点) 
RLY4(N) 新型四通道继电器输出6A/260Vac;3常开接点1对常开/常闭接点 )
DO8(N) 新型八通道开关量输出

DO4 logic output - 4 channel

This digital output module provides four logic outputs and is available in two factory option formats for standard or high-current output.

No of channels: 4
Logic Variant
Voltage supply: 18 <vs dc<br="" <30v style="font-family: 'Microsoft YaHei' !important;">Output current: >8mA high drive per channel (Current limited)
Output Voltage: At least Voltage supply (Vs) -3V switch drop
24 Variant
External supply: 12 <vs dc<br="" <30v>Output current: 100mA maximum high drive per channel
(Current & Temperature limited)
Output voltage: At least Voltage supply (Vs) -3V switch drop

DO8 - digital output - 8 channel

The DO8 provides higher packing density and lower cost per channel. The eight digital output module provides eight logic outputs, which are typically used for control, alarms or events outputs. Each channel a 24V output with 0.75A capability (subject of a maximum of 4A total per module) can be used for driving solenoids, relays, lamps, fans, thyristor units, single phase Solid State Relays (SSRs) or some three phase SSRs.
Voltage supply (external): 18-30V dc to plant devices Vs

RLY4 - relay output - 4 channel

This digital output module provides four relay outputs. The relay contacts are all fitted with removable snubber circuits to reduce contact arcing and prolong contact life.

No of channels: 4 (3 normally open + 1 changeover)
Max current rating: 2A at up to 240V ac; 0.5A at 200V dc,
ncreasing to 2A at 50V dc (resistive